Water-Survival boxes, airlifted to Harare, Zimbabwe.






















The 2008 Zimbabwean cholera outbreak is an ongoing cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe that began in August 2008. By 30 January 2009 there had been in excess of 60,000 reported cases, of whom over 3,000 died.
The Zimbabwean government declared the outbreak a national emergency and requested international aid. The Rotary Water-Survival Box project managed by the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge agreed to respond in partnership with Oxfam GB.  

On 1 February a consignment of 100 Water-Survival Boxes (including water-filtration kits with chlorine tablets used to make water safe to drink) left Heathrow and will arrive in Harare, Zimbabwe on 4 February. There Oxfam GB representatives will take responsibility for their swift transit through customs followed by distribution to families at high risk from the cholera epidemic. 

Chairman of the Rotary project, Hugo Pike, said ‘We are pleased to help knowing that Oxfam will ensure the aid gets to those who need it. This is our first experience of working in partnership with Oxfam GB and we are impressed by the professional and efficient way they have helped us. We hope to develop this relationship in the future for the benefit of those caught up in natural and man-made disasters.’

Each Water-Survival Box costs £150 (including the cost of air freight). Donations are urgently needed and should be sent to Worldwaterworks Limited, c/o Rotary, The White House, Pensford, Bristol BS39 4NE

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