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Prepared by: Rtn. Nafanga Honoré DEMBELE, RID 9100 Secretary, and President RC of Bamako Koulouba

Donation of 200 Water Survival Kits and 100 Water Purification Kits of the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge & WorldWaterWorks (United Kingdom) to the Malian Population


Following the floods of August 2012, The Rotary Clubs of Mali have received from the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge and WorldWaterWorks a gift of 200 survival kits and 100 water purification kits.

A couple of reports have been issued covering

  • The arrival of the gifts

  • The official transmission to Malian authorities

  • The targeting of the gifts to the population

This final report will cover the distribution of the gifts to the targeted populations.

 Water-Survival Boxes were transported 450 km from the capital Bamako and distributed in the area marked by the red star             .

The organization of the distribution

Prior to on field distribution, The Rotary clubs of Mali, Malian authorities and Caritas Mali (a Non Governmental Organization – NGO) have targeted the gifts to the selected populations and have agreed to distribute the boxes in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: the secured transportation of the gift/boxes on field

  • Phase 2: the information and training of the distribution team

  • Phase 3: the distribution assisted by the Rotary Project Supervisor

  • Phase 4: the rollout of the distribution

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Photographs of the flooded villages
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Photographs of transportation and sorting
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Photographs of training and utilization
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We urgently need to replace stock (with this consignment a total of 1,600 boxes will have been sent this year to disasters in the Philippines, Comoros Islands, Chad, Mali, and Haiti). Each Standard WSB costs £150 and a Multi-Pack of five (water purification only) boxes costs £350. If we are to be able to continue this level of response it is vital that we have the support of ideally all Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs throughout RIBI. Donations should be sent to Worldwaterworks Ltd at the Westfield Business Centre, Second Avenue, Westfield Trading Estate, Midsomer Norton BA3