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Children with only dirty water to drink.

Would much prefer clean drinking water






















Ideas for Fundraising!

Worldwaterworks – Online Shopping via ‘Easyfundraising’

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. If you shop online then it is now possible for the retailers you shop with to give back some of your money as a donation to WorldWaterWorks. Most major retailers participate in the scheme.
Just enter the link to register. Then all you need to do when you want to shop online is to open the easyfundraising website first (So why not save it as a ‘favourite’?) and visit your shop through them. The retailer will then give a percentage of what you spend to WorldWaterWorks.
There is also an ‘Easysearch’ page: Every time you search the web using this instead of Google, you will be raising money for WorldWaterWorks. E.g. Each supporter can raise around 20 a year just by searching 10 times day. So why not make it your homepage?
Please ask your family and friends to also consider shopping in this way so that even more money can be raised.


  • Dinners/Galas – events hosted by the organization that give Supporters the chance to meet members of staff, volunteers and perhaps even the individuals benefiting from the work the charity does. A fee is often charged for admission and fundraising may take place at the event.
  • Challenge Events – team events such as a tug-of-war or individual challenges such as bungee jumping, overseas treks, parachuting and abseiling.
  • Celebrity Events – Events offering the opportunity to see or meet a celebrity and sometimes to buy items they have donated.
  • Fitness Events – sponsored walks, cycle rides, swimming galas and the like all enable people to enjoy physical activities and support a good cause at the same time.
There are many other ways to support our fundraising efforts including:
  • Payroll giving    
  • Giving shares
  • Donating via tax return
  • Leaving a legacy to Worldwaterworks 
  • Making a donation in memoriam of a friend or family member
  • Employee fundraising
  • Company donations
  • Selling your goods on eBay and donating a percentage of the sale to Worldwaterworks