300 Water Survival Boxes airlifted to Ecuador
































Water Survival Boxes to Ecuador- March 2012

Some ten days ago we received the following message from Rotarian Francis Dykmans of the Rotary Club of Puntilla, Guayaquil, Ecuador:

 A few years ago you were able to help us. Now we need you more than ever as the situation is much worse ! Just for you to appreciate the situation I am enclosing some pictures. Have a look at where in the middle of the page you can see a video:


 The real problem will begin in May with farmers with no food, a health crisis, kids not able to go to schools, and infrastructure really badly damaged. If you feel you can do something, please contact me. Please share this mail with fellow Rotarians and all people wishing to help.

Best Rotarian regards - Francis Dykmans de Coninck

Following our initial reply offering assistance Francis sent the following link showing the impact on one of the affected communities -


In 2008 our first consignment of aid sent to South America was at the request of Rotarian Francis and his club following floods that had devastated low lying areas in the vicinity of Guayaquil. Distribution was a joint exercise involving Rotary and the local Red Cross. On this occasion the areas affected are much greater and include sixteen counties bordering the Pacific with some 84,000 people left without access to clean water and 5,000 rendered homeless .  

We are about to send a consignment of 300 Water-Survival Boxes to be distributed by the Ecuador National Red Cross in partnership with the Rotary Club of Puntilla. The mission will be under the direction of Senor Abogado Carlos Carbo, Red Cross Vice President working with Rotarian Francis and his team. 

Our ability to prepare and send this aid is entirely due to the funding support we continue to receive from Rotary Clubs throughout Great Britain and Ireland. As you can see we remain on alert to send aid where it is desperately needed even when the disaster has disappeared from the national news headlines. The process is entirely dependent on the receipt of donations so that we can purchase the items needed to pack the boxes and pay for the air freight charges to the disaster area.  With sincere thanks to all those Clubs that have already supported us during 2011/2012. Clubs keen to assist are asked to make their cheques payable to ‘Worldwaterworks Limited’ and send them to the registered office of our Rotary charity – Westfield Business Centre, 32 Second Avenue, Westfield Trading Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 4BH.