50 Water Survival Boxes airlifted to Ecuador


Red cross Unloading Water Survival Boxes

Recording details of families

Elderly woman collects box on behalf of her family

This box allocated to pregnant woman and her family

Red Cross workers distributing boxes

One of the communities to benifit

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Puntilla, Guayaquil and the Red Cross for managing distribution




Water Survival Boxes to Ecuador- April 2008


Previously - Floods in Ecuador - March 2008



Ecuador suffered extensive flooding following fifty days continuous rainfall. Thousands of people lost their homes and possessions.


We received an urgent plea for help from the Rotary Club of La Puntilla, Guayaquil, and within days sent a consignment of 50 Water-Survival Boxes. They were needed to purify water making it safe to drink and to prevent children and adults from contracting water-borne diseases.


Francis Dykmans de Coninck of the Rotary Club of La Puntilla and a representative of the Ecuadorian Red Cross as 50 Water-Survival Boxes are collected from customs.




Families with their Water-Survival Boxes that had been distributed by the Ecuadorian Red Cross and the Rotary Club of La Puntilla




More funds are urgently needed if further help is to be sent. Donations can be made by cheque to ‘Worldwaterworks Limited’ and sent to:-


Westfield Business Centre

32 Second Avenue,

Westfield Industrial Estate,   

Midsomer Norton,


Bath BA3 4BH


WorldWaterWorks Limited is a Registered Charity sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge. For more information see www.worldwaterworks.org or call 01761-409115.