Water-Survival boxes, airlifted to Dhaka.




Recording priority needs

Humanity First Docter from USA

Some of 150 volunteer workers

Water-Survival Boxes – leaving the base camp on Rangabali Island for onward transport.

Loading a shallow draught boat Next stage – by hand and head

Zahoor – Humanity First UK co-ordinator - agrees distribution process with local government officer

Villagers wait patiently for their turn to receive Water-Survival Boxes

Local government officers brief villagers and record details

Assessing individual family needs means the box contents can be shared by more people


Bangladesh - November/December 2007



On 15 November cyclone Sidr devastated vast parts of southern Bangladesh leaving some 3 million people without homes or safe drinking water.


On 21 November 100 Water-Survival Boxes were sent from Midsomer Norton to Gatwick airport. They left by air on 22 November and are due to reach Dhaka, Bangladesh on 23 November.

Humanity First transported the 100 Water-Survival Boxes from Dhaka some 200 km south to the Patuakhali District. There the boxes were distributed to families displaced by the tidal waves that washed away their homes on the island of Rangabali which is off the southern coast in the Bay of Bengal. Further details are awaited from Humanity First UK and will be posted in due course

Worldwaterworks Limited is working with the Humanity First UK charity and with Humanity First Bangladesh who will be responsible for distribution to those most in need. This is part of a global response with Humanity First UK also sending medical supplies, doctors and paramedics experienced in disaster relief.

Funding to provide stocks for further aid to Bangladesh is urgently needed - please go to the Donations page.


Our boxes were part of a larger consignment of ShelterBoxes, medical supplies, and included a party of three medical doctors and three volunteer co-ordinators from HF-UK     

12 December - tel. call from Zahoor Ahmed, Fund-raising Manager, Humanity First UK providing an initial update. He had been involved in organising for the consignment of Water-Survival Boxes to be included in a larger supply of aid including ShelterBoxes, medical supplies, and experienced doctors and para-medics that left Gatwick on 22 November. He and two colleagues travelled with the aid consignment and arrived in Dhaka on 23 November. They, and representatives of Humanity First Bangladesh, were then responsible for distribution. On 24 November, following a meeting with the co-ordinating committee dealing with food and aid distribution they were sent to the south of the country, and were allocated to the island of Rangabali and a number of smaller surrounding islands on the Bay of Bengal. This area was the first to be devastated by the cyclone on 15 November and had suffered the greatest amount of destruction and loss of life. 

It took 36 hours using road and boat transport to make the journey south to Rangabali. From there distribution was made to outlying island communities using small boats with shallow draught – because of the low water depth. Decisions on distribution were taken in the light of the fact that they only had 100 of our WSBs and many hundreds of families needing help. They opted to open boxes and distribute the contents to best meet the needs of the families, eg. they decided that families of fishermen whose boats had been damaged during the cyclone should get the hammer and nails so that they could make repairs and regain their ability to fish and feed themselves. Decisions were made taking local conditions into account but were aimed at distributing what was available to achieve the most good.



During the past twelve months we packed and despatched a total of 210 WATER-SURVIVAL BOXES to help relieve the suffering of disaster victims across the world. 60 families were helped following devastating typhoons in the Philippines in December, 100 families displaced by mass flooding in Balochistan, SE Pakistan, were helped; and 50 Ugandan families in October. Our reserve stock of 290 WSBs is likely to be called on over the next few weeks. Significant further funding is needed now to enable us to maintain and increase this level of humanitarian aid. We appeal to all Rotary Clubs in RIBI to give us their support. As a guide £1050 will enable us to help ten more families displaced by disaster.



More funds are urgently needed if further help is to be sent. Donations should be made by cheque to ‘Worldwaterworks Limited’ and sent c/o Rotary, The White House, Pensford, Bristol BS39 4NE. 

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